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Logo design - Company Branding - Visual Identity


Leaf Electrical Safety provides on-site assessments and training for electrical safety.

Design projects:

Logo, color scheme, business cards, name tags, printed brochure, digital brochure, trade show signage, parking lot signage and more.

Happy clients include

One of the first steps to success in business is having good visual branding to complement the company's values.

The company identity is what makes the company memorable. Each brand should be custom-tailored just for you, representing your values and the essence of your business.

Based on your brand (industry, value, mission, audience, competitors...), Chooka Media Group will conceptualize and design your logo and visual branding for all your needs to get your business off the ground.

Our design includes but is not limited to logos, stationery, business cards, social media creatives, folders, customized QR codes, booklets, presentation templates, e-mail signatures, brochures, and much more.

A part of your company's branding and marketing is also having an online presence. That means you need a website, and we can build you one to match your style and fulfill your business objectives!

Use our questionnaire to gain some clarity on how your website can work for you.

Use some social media creatives to gain traction and engagement for you business.

If you want to learn and get started on Email Marketing, sign up to our class group training or book an individual training with Tal (available online as well).  We can also design your email template for MailChimp Marketing Platform

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