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What is e-Learning and why you should use it

eLearning is short for electronic learning, which uses digital technologies to enable remote learning. In other words, that means online courses.

Workplaces use various training methods to train their employees, associates, management roles or their customers. Training is usually required for new and existing procedures, rules, company values or new products.

Using customized online eLearning courses provides...

  1. An accessible interactive environment

  2. A cost-effective means to engage learners

  3. Measurable means for supervisors to monitor the associate's learning process

Click this image to find out why e-learning benefits your business.

Examples for creative use of eLearning technology:

Converting facilitator-led training to online training

Including features that make the online course more personal and interactive to engage the learners and retain their attention. This is a short demo*, the full course can be purchased via LearnSphere.

Simulations and tutorials

Tutorials for instructing end-users on using features of products such online website, CRM systems, softwares and more. This tutorial uses voice over to increase the learner's attention to details.

Onboarding solutions

Try interactive presentations to replace the hard-copy manuals or the long invested hours of onboarding each employee. This is a much more engaging content, and you can add a quiz and a certificate at the end.

Other creative uses

Use of e-learning technology to create products for marketing, such as an interactive city map showing businesses, onboarding solutions and more.

How can you use eLearning in your business?

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