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IDEA Centre - A Youth Entrepreneurship Program that Inspires


A few months we've met with a trio of inspired teachers that run the IDEA Centre program. This program is for high-school students that have an idea or want to come up with an idea for a business or a social enterprise and work their way to achieve their dream.

It's a government program and they have different locations (and using different names) across New Brunswick, Canada. The teachers we've met runs the programs in Saint John, Moncton AND online (for students who cannot attend a physical location).


Branding the Program

While we normally start any branding project with a logo, in this case, a functional website was more urgent, so we started there!

The program had an existing website with some information, however we all knew it needs to be more! It needs a modern look - fit for entrepreneurs, vibrant - fit for the younger audience, and functional - get some people in those seats!

The website objectives we identified were:

  1. Attract high-school students to apply to the program

  2. Educate parents and teachers of what the program is about and how they can refer their children/students

  3. Allow for potential partners to connect to the program

  4. Refer to other locations of the program.

And so it was done! accommodates these objectives and has already proved working. The teachers have received multiple student applications via the website, and some partnership requests.

The site is also mobile-friendly as all websites should be these days.

We created it on Wix platform and as always, we trained our clients to use and easily keep their information up-to-date!


Once the website was up and running, it was time to design the completing piece - the logo which would represent the program for as long as it lives ❤️.

The new logo we designed is inspired by the older logo, an image created by one of the students, and the website color scheme - representing the 4 pillars of the program.

This is the full logo version, including a tagline:

We always like to include a few logo variations for different usages, such as print, social media and more:

Here's what they said about us :-)


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