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Many workplaces develop course materials for their employees, for management or for their customers, to educate them regarding procedures, rules, organization values or new products.

Using e-learning or blended learning offers:

  1. Cost-effective training

  2. Fast delivery - reducing seat time

  3. Learning anytime, anywhere, self-paced

  4. Measurable results

  5. Customized to your company branding


CHOOKA is all about providing you with engaging customized training, while working with great personalities and great minds.

Chooka develops content and produces online couses

CHOOKA is a company that keeps up with the dynamic trends of our industry.


Our team leader is a training consultant with a B.A. in Instructional Design, and our team is experienced with instructional design and development as well as graphic design.


CHOOKA has been working with clients from large world-wide corporations to small businesses in multiple industries. Our team specializes in conducting needs analysis, to understand what the client and their target audience really wants and needs, and how to educate adults in various fields.


We have great eye for detail and always meet deadlines.


Chooka's eLearning courses
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