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Does Your Logo Tell Your Story Like This One?

Short or long, designing a logo and a brand is a process!

Sarah Lauren is a new apparel brand and online boutique opening shop this upcoming winter in Rothesay, NB. Being thorough with their research and hard work in getting this business up and running, the owners knew that their brand was the foundation of all things. They had a vision in mind for their logo, deriving from their target audience of women and the values they wanted to communicate. Then they decided to approach us at Chooka, to make that vision into a logo.


Initial Concept

The concept was using an elegant premium object - diamond shapes that overlap to create a bow - and the color scheme was white, black and pink. The concept of the first drafts was to create a clean and applicable style, maybe reflecting on a fashion sketching style.


Round 2 - more inspiration

Our client provided us with a few images that inspired them in the first place, and asked to try various diamond shapes and make it look more "real" while using solid colors, no gradients, no 3D.


Round 3 - New colors

Once our client chose the shape they loved the most, they had a change of heart about the color scheme. As a design team, we are usually the ones that recommend the palette to use, in collaboration with the client. As fashion designers, our client had decided that although their target audience was women, they prefer a bluish palette, leaning on navy blues.


We got a Winner!

Our happy client received the final versions of the logo:

  1. Regular version (to use on light backgrounds)

  2. White font version (to use on dark backgrounds)

  3. Color scheme

All versions as PDF (for print), PNG (transparent background) and JPG files.


"Working with Chooka has been a great experience from start to finish. Creating a brand, we knew we needed a strong, recognizable logo. Using a conceptual sketch and minimal details that we provided, the Chooka team created a logo which we feel fits our brand and image perfectly. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the result, and level of service." - Owners of Sarah Lauren Co


What about you?

A unique memorable logo goes a long way with potential clients. Not everyone is completely clear on a visual when it comes to their business branding, but that's exactly why we're here!

Are you looking to create a fresh look for your business, or know anyone else who does? We are offering a complimentary logo needs assessment, so please share this with anyone you see fit!

Send us an Email or call us at (506) 651-8288


Let us know what you think of our process, if you have any questions we'll be happy to reply!

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