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5 Tips to Get Your Branding Started!

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

A big part of our work is branding for business, branding for conferences.

We know it's not easy to put this task in the hands of someone you may not know. The business is your baby and you want what's best for it!

These are a few tips to help you get started:

Look around at your competitors’ logo and visuals, do some visual Market research.

Think about your company values and what makes your company unique.

Find a designer that you’re happy to work with: ask for recommendations & review their portfolio.

Communicate with your designer, tell them about your company values and your visual aspirations (if known) and also listen to their expertise.

Choose the branding that shows what your business is all about! [Logo, color scheme, fonts, style, images, layouts]

Bonus Tip: The logo is just the beginning of the wonderful journey of visual branding for your business/organization. Next steps would be figuring out what types of collateral your business / organization needs.

If you want a fresh look for your business, let's connect and get started on your branding!

Send an Email or call us at (506) 651-8288


PSt about evolution of creating a logo
Here's a taste of how we created another logo and color scheme for one of our clients:
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