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Featured Business: Leaf Electrical Safety

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Jon and Yevgen are two entrepreneurs who established Leaf Electrical Safety, a company that provides professional electrical safety training for industrial sites employees and their managers. They came to us for a process of re-designing their company's brand. We started with designing a new logo and deciding on a color scheme.

Then we moved on to designing other items such as:

  • Individual business cards

  • A digital flyer to send by email

  • A 6-panel brochure to hand out

  • Individual name tags

  • Certificates for attendees of the training sessions

The co-founders also take part in professional conferences and requested a high-quality display for their booth, something that would help them stand out from the crowd. That's when we offered them the Magnetic Pop-up Display, which is normally around 8x8ft, and seen from afar. We love working with Jon and Yevgen and wish them great success!


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