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6 Ways to Make Sure Your Website Work for Your Business

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Website mockup

Every business or organization needs a website in order to be found.

It could be as simple as a one-pager or include multiple pages as long as it breaks down the content.

Whether you're building it yourself or using a developer, there are a many things you need to watch for to ensure your website is good to go:

1. Brand consistency

Use your logo the way it was designed, make sure the image is in good quality and not blurry.

Use your brand colors, in a way that is pleasant to the eyes.

Branding is also about communicating your company's message.

2. Easy navigation

Your website should be easy to navigate. That means that people that reach your website need to be able to find their way quickly around the pages, otherwise, they WILL leave.

When you're advertising for specific products or services - remember to provide a direct link to that item, and don't your homepage link.

3. Clear call-to-action

Every button needs to show a clear destination. Provide a distinct Call-to-Action in all your pages. Your website visitors need to have a clear path on what to do and where to go on your website, so lead the way! Button such as "Click here", "Sign up", "Read more" should be visible and clear.

4. Visible contact info location

Contact information is NOT ugly. Your goal is to allow people to get in touch with you, so make sure they don't struggle with finding you contact details.

5. Mobile-friendly / responsive

There's nothing more frustrating than looking at a website on your mobile device and find that it is not responsive. Make sure your website looks good and is readable on all devices.

6. SEO

You have to consider how people are searching for your website and how you would appear in the results.

Think: what would someone type in a search engine when they reach me?

E.g.: "graphic designer in saint john", "plumber in kanata ottawa", "animation studio in halifax".

Each phrase is considered a long-tail keyword and is helpful.

7. Bonus Tip: Keep you content updated!

Make sure your website is one that you enjoy updating, whether it's writing blog posts, updating your offers, upcoming events, portfolio and more.

This should be a working document to keep your audience (and Google) happy and interested and keep your business relevant :)

This is why we became Wix Experts and we love using this platform to create our clients' websites AND TRAIN THEM on how to use it confidently!

Let's talk about creating a website you actually enjoy working with!

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How is YOUR website doing? Share your URL with us!

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