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Our clients come to us for our holistic approach to design.

From logos and branded items, to magazines, to websites.

Every piece of the puzzle matters, and we're here to make sure your brand is unique, memorable and workign for you!

Some of our services:

Company Branding  //  USB Business Cards  //  Custom QR Codes  //  Conference and convention Branding  //  Trade Show Booths 

Magazines & Catalogs  //  Digital Magazines  //  Advertisements & Flyers  //  Patent Application Drawings // And more...

Your company branding should be custom-tailored just for you, representing your values and your essence. We can help with that, conduct needs analysis and deliver a unique brand that conveys your company's message. Our design includes logos, stationary, business cards, folder, booklets, ppt templates, e-mail signatures, brochures, etc. - everything you need, just name it.

Conference and event branding

CHOOKA Media Group are experts in branding conferences and conventions - business, economic, financial, wealth management and even "Comic-cons". We'll take care of designing all the items you'll need to create a memorable event: conference logo, invitation, Save the Date, stage background, podium, sponsors background slide, panelists background slides, conference agenda/schedule, participant name tag, roll-ups, booklets and more.

Powerful digital presentations

We create powerful slides for an meaningful engaging presentation. If you're speaking in a conference or delivering a workshop - you'll want to make sure no one falls asleep!

Trade Show Booths

We have experience in branding exhibition booths in various fields, from real-estate sales, to major insurance companies, patent attorneys and finances.

If you print them, why not digitize them? Upload to an online URL, put it on your website or send your hyperlink via e-mail and apply to a wider audience! Create a good online experience for your clients. Put you catalog on CD and attach to the hard-copy sent to your distributors/buyers to make it easier to search for specific products.

Magazines and Catalogs (print)

Magazines, booklets and catalogs – we do them all! Examples: • News and articles magazine • Biography booklet for a conference • Sports game team booklet • Products catalog

Brochures, flyers, ads

When you want to get your message out there – buy some media space where your target-audience read, and place well-designed ads! Conferences, exhibitions, special offer sales – tell us what you need and we'll set up a package for you. You can even post them on your social networks for more exposure!

QR Code Branding

QR Codes are a great technology to attract potential customers to your website, via mobile devices. We design them to be a cohesive part of the company branding, which makes them recognized everywhere.

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