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Course: Build Your Own Website

The Goal of this Workshop is to:
Teach you to build and manage your own modern website.

No coding skills required. 

Who is this course for? 

Anyone who wants to learn to build and maintain their own website/store, without depending on a designer/developer to make changes, and WITHOUT using code.

This is great for entrepreneurs, students, teachers, small business owners and others.

How will this benefit you?     

You will learn how to make your Wix website look professional, creative, cohesive, and work for you.
Learn best practices of website building from an expert in the field.

Topics you will be able to:

  • Explain the thought process behind building a website

  • Go through the steps of creating a website from beginning to end

  • Use Wix Dashboard and settings

    • Add business tools​

    • Marketing and analytics

    • Connect your website to your own domain

    • And more

  • Learn design and layout best practices

  • Use Wix Editor to create the website

    • Start designing

    • Know the different tools are and how they work

    • Add apps to enhance your website interactivity

    • Add forms, social media, images, galleries, videos and more.

    • Add SEO settings - get found on Google

    • Ensure mobile compatibility!

    • And more

The training is hands-on and requires a laptop and access to Wi-Fi.  

When is the next available date?

To find out please call us at 506-651-8288.

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