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Have You Tried Mind-mapping?

So, how do you organize your s**t?

Are you a list maker? Brain-dumper-jotter? Sticky notes mover? 

There are many ways to organize our life or business plans, to-do's, goals, projects and others - and basically just map out our thoughts.

One of the best tools, especially if you're a visual person, or a visual learner, is mind-mapping.


Visual brainstorming is a technique I learned at a younger age, and as a visual person I really enjoyed and benefited from it. It usually started with an idea or concept, a topic or a term and then writing down everything related to it that and connect it with lines.

This is what mind-mapping is - creating visual connections between concepts, like a map or a web, 


If you're thinking but "I can't do this, I can't draw" 👉 it's the perfect time to use a digital tool!


Between the many free digital tools available to you, we wanted to share with you the one named MindMeister. It's pretty easy to you and offers a basic free plan, and paid plans as well.

In MindMeister you can create a mind map from scratch (free), or use one of their templates (paid).

You can use mind mapping for topics, such as:

  • Life plan

  • SWOT analysis

  • Business plans

  • Company org chart

  • Weekly homework

  • Exam preparation

  • Blog post planning

  • And more


Each idea in your map can branch out to sub-ideas, or have another relationship with a different idea - it's up to you and what makes sense to you, and you can always drag and drop and rearrange it.

You can also customize your map style, color scheme, and fonts.

Mind-mapping is actually an awesome project planning tool!

Don't worry about not having sufficient information there - by using a digital tool, you can add icons, comments or external links to each idea! 


Why use mind maps?

  • They are really easy to create and could save you time

  • They help structure your information, get things out of your head

  • They make you get more creative

  • They enhance team collaboration

  • They improve ability to remember and recall by using visual structures



How are you using mind maps? Feel free to share them with us!


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