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9 Ways to Relieve the Loneliness of solopreneurship

As humans, and as much as some people may deny it, it is in our nature to be part of a group, sometimes even as part of identity.

We want to belong. Belong to a family, belong to a clique, belong to the sports school team or x club, belong to scouts or competitive troupes, belong to the group that always has their standup meetings in the kitchenette, and more.

When starting a business, many of you would start as solopreneurs, a one-person-show. You deal with every aspect of your business and you feel alone while constantly pushing forward. We know the struggle is real.

But the fact is, you are not alone! You do belong to a group, a group of solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, start-ups and generally - business owners!

While you are a unique individual, there are many like-minded people who want to accomplish something in this world by making it their own business.

And they are stressed out too!

So, how to relieve some of that "alone" stress?

In the business:

  1. If you're working in an office home, try a change of scenery once a week, go work at a coffee shop, the library or any other place that makes you feel better and has some people around.

  2. Instead of working from home, try sitting at a coworking space. These usually offer an array of entrepreneurs in multiple industries that you can grab for a friendly chat or to pick their brains on business topics, no strings attached. Get to know what others are working on and potentially make some connections.

BTW, if you're not really into getting yourself in people's faces - now is the time to start. There's no real risk at it other than saving the conversation for a better time if the person is occupied.

  1. In order to "not be alone" anymore, consider hiring another person OR merging your business with a partner that can share your workload and business development.

On the business:

Brainstorming on your business direction and other challenges can be hard facing alone, but you can change that!

  1. When working on your business, surround yourself with people you can delegate your work to, in other words - outsource:

  • Bookkeeper and/or accountant for your financial challenges.

  • Graphic designer to create your branding, collateral, marketing ads, product packaging etc.

  • Web designer for developing and maintaining your website.

  • Virtual Assistant for administration, keeping you in check, social media presence, etc.

  • And other roles that would make your life easier.

  1. Finding a mentor to guide you and help you find a path to success.

  2. Join a business or start-up accelerator program to meet more people.

  3. Remember what we said about getting yourself in people's faces? Yeah, you need to go to some networking mixers! Join the local Chamber of Commerce and other business networking groups, (Women in Business, Geek Beers and such) and make the time to get to these events. Say Hi to the people you're already familiar with, then get to know new ones. Don't forget your business cards!!

  4. Join a mastermind group, local or virtual, where each member is from a different industry and offers a fresh angle or perspective to the others. Also, they offer accountability which would help you get into action in moving your business forward.

  5. If you're looking for support, find or create yourself a tribe. A tribe is a more focused group of people that you know that share the same goals, like "succeeding in business while staying sane". The tribe is a safe and closed place (can be local or virtual, a Facebook group) for you to ask questions, consult, offer advice to others or just be there to give and receive support.

What do you do you to relieve the entrepreneurship loneliness symptoms?

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