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How to Easily Capture Video On Your Computer... and Share / Download Them!

A really friendly tool we've been using lately is Loom Chrome extension. This software allows you to capture videos of your screen, or your webcam (if you have one) or both.

As this is a Chrome extension (desktop version is still in development), showing your webcam is only possible when capturing the current browser tab. You can definitely choose to capture other windows or applications, without showing your webcam/logo.

What can you use this for? Here are a few ideas:

  • Walkthrough a Product Demo 🚀 [for example, teaching your grandmother to create a post on Facebook :)]

  • Onboard Your New Customers 🚀

  • Send Updates to Clients or Team Members 📈

  • Close More Deals💰

View a list of use-cases from Loom's website Imagine how YOU can use the tool for your needs!

Getting started with Loom After installing the extension on your Chrome browser, click on the Loom icon at the top of your screen, adjust your preferences for the video, and start capturing!

What next

  • When you're done, turn off capturing using the floating menu.

  • Then, wait a few seconds as you'll be redirected to the website showing your Loom video.

  • Change the title of your video, edit the setting on the right-hand side, make it password-protected, or trash it!

  • Share it: every video receives a unique URL that you are able you share.

  • Depending on your purpose, I also recommend downloading the video.

  • Move your video into a new folder to create your collections and stay organized.

Why do we like it? It's quick, friendly, doesn't require a lot of effort to learn how to use it. For short and intentional videos - it simplifies/automates the process of capturing, loading to a video-hosting website and sharing. For sharing information - sometimes sending a video instead of a fully written email is quicker and easier to follow. Enjoy Loom and let us know how you did!

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