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How do they do that?? ♥≫⊛⋆ Adding Special HTML characters and emojis to your posts

Everywhere these days, people are using special characters and emojis in their content.

When you are creating your web content, whether it's social media or blog posts, if you want to use emojis, keep within these guidelines:

Choose well. This is still a visual you are adding to your text, and as any visual, it has a meaning. Make sure it says the right thing for you.

✔ Don't get too in-love 💗 with your emojis, and add them too generously.

✔ Add them in appropriate locations.⭐


How to add special characters?

If you are coding with HTML, you can use EMOJI CSS and the unicode tables.

If not, most chances are you can simply

  1. Drag-select the character you're interested in (just like selecting text)

  2. Copy the selection

  3. Paste in your web content 😎


Where can I get this emojis?

Here are a few useful links:


Are you using emojis in your web content?

Send a link to an example

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