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WHY and HOW to create Captions for Your Videos/Podcasts?

Let's start with the WHY:

Why transcribe your video or voice content?

#1: Silence is a virtue

#1: Silence is a virtue

According to recent articles, around 85% of people watch videos on Facebook WITHOUT SOUND. They may be in the office, or on the go, maybe they don't want to wake up their family members - whatever the reason - that video is silent!

That means, if you do not add captions to your video, your viewers are not going to catch on the content, and MOVE AWAY from it.

#2: Texts are captivating

#2: Texts are captivating

Captions and subtitles attract viewers to watch your videos as a starter, and would probably stay longer to watch them and perhaps interact with them.

#3: Good content shouldn't go to waste

#3: Accesibility

Accessibility is key to reaching more audience. People with hearing problems don't have a choice of with or without sound. If you want EVERYONE to be able to watch your video and receive the content - go the extra mile and add the captions!

#3: Good content shouldn't go to waste

#4: Good content shouldn't go to waste

When you create a video where you're sharing your story, teaching a technique, or anything else that is relevant for other people (live or not), you have created good content. Good content shouldn't be a one-time thing, it should be repurposed.By transcribing your text and adding captions you can use this content for many other channels - create a blog post, a social media post, create a free opt-in to get people on your mailing list, and more.


So, how can you add captions to your videos (for free)?

Method 1: Using Facebook Tools

Addressing the top 3 reasons -

Yes! Facebook has an integrated tool to add captions to your videos - whether they were uploaded or captured Live (after completion).

For LIVE videos, when completed - these are the steps:

  1. In your FB business page, select Publishing Tools, then Video Library.

  2. Find the video you wish to add captions to, and select the Edit icon.

  3. Make a habit of adding a title and a description to your videos.

  4. Select Subtitles & Captions.

  5. Select your Video Language.

  6. Select Auto-generate.

  7. When it's complete, select the Edit icon.

  8. Watch the video, review the captions and edit them.

  9. Save and close!

If you are uploading pre-recorded videos - you can add captions before publishing, OR use the same method after publishing.

Method 2 - also super cool - addressing the 4th reason of repurposing your content

Will be revealed next week!


Are YOU transcribing your videos?

Share your experience with us - what are your thoughts about this?


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