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Hoppa, Grammar Style!

Unless you have a type of reading learning disability (Dyslexia), or you're the type of person that really doesn't care... if there is one thing nobody really likes when reading content, it's SPALLING MESTIKES! Oh shoot, we meant SPELLING MISTAKES!

Unfortunately, spelling and grammar mistakes do make you look unprofessional.

We recommend reviewing every textual content you wish to publish out to the world, whether an article, and email, a blog or a social media post.

No worries, if you do a lot of writing in English, native or non-native, we've got just the right tool for you!

Grammarly is a "writing assistant" app, that indicates grammar and spelling errors in your writing. It has a free and a premium versions.


How does it work?

While writing in your browser or other softwares, the app marks the errors in red, Then you hover your mouse and select the correction to insert into the text. There's also an option to use the app's writing window.

Where does it work?

Grammarly works on almost all platforms, online and offline.

Grammarly is available on Windows, Android, Mac, and iPhone.

We like to use it as a Chrome extension!

Why use it?

It's pretty accurate, checks for many grammar mistakes, very helpful and improves you writing over time.


Which grammar and spelling tool are YOU using and why?

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