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From Sticky Notes to Excel to Trello. Organize Your Stuff Digitally and Easily.

So some of us may still use sticky notes or hard copy To-Do lists, however, like many things in our lives these days, these tools have been re-developed in the digital world and offer many advantage s.

One of these tools is This free tool is a friendly digitized system based on the sticky notes or cards that can be moved around between different lists and boards. You can create as many boards as you like, one for each topic. For example: Work projects, Home Improvement, Recipes, Travel plan and more. On each board you would include a few lists and each list may include cards.

We Use Project Management Lists!

In our project management we like to use the following lists, and move the project cards as we follow through the business process:

  1. Projects in pipeline

  2. Work in process

  3. Awaiting feedback

  4. Ready to send invoice

  5. Awaiting payment

  6. All done / received


Using Trello Cards

Browse through the images below:

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How are YOU managing your projects, goals, activities and day-to-day tasks?

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