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Many work places develop course materials either for their employees, for management or for their customers,
to educate them regarding procedures, rules, organization values or new products.


Using customized online e-learning courses provides a cost-effective means to engage learners in a highly accessible interactive environment, with measuraeble means for supervisors to monitor the learning process.


CHOOKA Media Group has been working with clients from large world-wide corporations to small businesses in multiple industries (saftey, hi-tech, human resources, banking, insurance and more). Our team specializes in conducting needs analysis, to understand what the client and their target audience really wants and needs, and how to educate adults in various fields.

CHOOKA has more than 100 modules in records. Due to NDA agreements, we are unable to show a full portfolio (references available upon request).


These are a few samples showing some of the options available using e-learning technology:

Simulations and tutorials


Tutorial for instructing end-users on using features of products such online website, CRM systems, softwares and more. This tutorial uses voice over to increase the learner's attention to details.

E-Learning Course


Interactive online course modules developed and converted from a facilitator-led workshop (or from any other materials).

These modules use technology features that make the online course more personal and interactive to engage the learners and retain their attention. 


This is a short demo*, the full course can be purchased via LearnSphere.

Further use cases


Use of e-learning technology to create products for marketing, such as an interactive city map showing businesses, onboarding solutions and more.

These courses can be taken on cross-platform devices and can be used for mobile learning!

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