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Chooka's Digital Bootcamp for Your Business

A 5-week program to improve the digital skills you need to run your biz.

Doors close April 30, 2020 at 11:59 PM

Special "Quarantine Rates" available!!!

Are you frustrated with... 
Managing your projects? 
Finding your files?
Cloud storage and file-sharing? 
Email signatures?
If you're tired of doing things the hard way - 
There is an EASIER way, let me show you! 

Special "Quarantine Rates" available - $50 off!!!

We're all in this together, and while you're staying at home, this is the perfect time to help you improve your digital skills

I know some people find the digital world somewhat overwhelming or frustrating, but when you are running a business or a project, you can’t afford to be afraid of technology. You need to gain control.

This isn’t about social media, this is not about other people.

It’s about you, and making YOUR life easier.

It’s the simple things like knowing how and where to place downloaded files in a specific folder, collaborating and sharing files efficiently, setting up a pro email signature or managing a project with for yourself and your team that would make you finally feel like this is figured out!

There’s no better time like the present to get your stuff in order and move forward.

You need a better understanding, a better process and a better approach so you can spend less time looking for things and more time focusing on what you love to do in your business.

Even if things feel too technical, but hey, you’re here, you got this far and you’re living the digital life, so let’s make things even EASIER and brighter for you!

The Digital Bootcamp for Your Biz will help you...

  • Shift your mindset regarding the “techy” things

  • Move past what’s holding you back making your life EASIER

  • Understand your processes better and give you more ideas on managing your digital world

  • Get tips and tricks to simplify your tasks

  • Feel more in control and accomplished

In the program we'll teach you to EASILY...


Organize Your Business efficiently on your computer and/or cloud service


Work with Google Documents and sheets, learn to collaborate with peers/clients


Maximize your email appearance with professional emails & signatures


Plan, create and share a form/survey to collect valuable insights for your business


Manage your projects using Trello boards (just like Post-Its, but better with lots of options!)

Standard participation - SPECIAL QUARANTINE RATE   $197  $147

VIP participation - SPECIAL QUARANTINE RATE   $297  $247

When you join Chooka’s Digital Bootcamp today, you gain access to:

  1. A 5-week program (each week focused on a different topic)

  2. An exclusive learning community on Facebook (something you know well!)

  3. Weekly masterclasses or bite-size videos, learning nuggets, tips & tricks, and exercises/assignments

  4. Weekly Q&A where you can ask all your topic-related questions and get some answers!

  5. Support from me and your peers in the program

Plus these 3 bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: Chooka's workbook on "The Visual Side of Branding"

  • Bonus 2: A list of our favorite digital tools that we work with

  • Bonus 3: 15% off when building your website with Chooka's team! 

If you're a person who needs some extra TLC:

  • Join as a VIP and schedule your one-on-one sessions with me!

What people say about our trainings


Tal has awesome tips and tricks that I never knew before, and I use this tool frequently!

- Natalie


The facilitator was very     knowledgeable and clear!

- Chris


Great skills upgrade, this session was very well presented.

- Elaine


Great useful content, well done and great tips.

- Elizabeth

Mon, May 04
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Chooka's Digital Bootcamp for Your Business
A 5-week program to improve the digital skills you need to run your biz. Join our exclusive learning community to simplify digital processes and gain control over the “techy” stuff.
Doors close April 30, 2020 at 11:59 AST

(The program starts Monday, May 04, 2020)

Who am I?

My name is Tal Goldenberg-Keren, owner of Chooka Media Group. I am a training facilitator, an instructional designer, a graphic and web designer, a lover of all things digital and simplifying them to others.

Through recent years I have been creating and facilitating hands-on workshops and consultation for skills such as: 

  • Upgrading Your Slides into Power-slides (PowerPoint)

  • Growing Your Audience with Mailchimp (Email marketing)

  • Helpful tools to run your business

  • Wix website platform

  • And more

For any questions, please reach out to me at

Chooka Media Group

1 Germain St., Suite 300, Saint John, NB, Canada E2L 4V1