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How to Convert Your Website Visitors to Leads/ Subscribers/ Customers

Many businesses are wondering when is the right time to engage their website visitors into action?

There are different ways you can create a call-to-action (CTA) and they usually result in a button.

The popular desired actions are for the site visitors to...

  • call,

  • send an email,

  • navigate to a different page,

  • reveal more information,

  • buy,

  • subscribe to a content mailing list,

  • take a survey,

  • take a quiz,

  • fill out a contact form,

  • and more.

Plan ahead - what do you need your visitors to do?


The next step is to figure out which CTA to use.

One of the options that make sense the most and has been rolled out recently is the option of engaging your visitor JUST BEFORE THEY LEAVE your website. This is your exit pop-up strategy.

How does it work?

The visitor have viewed and done what they needed to do, and they are hovering the mouse cursor over to the Close Tab or Close Window button, or perhaps just reaching out to a different browser tab.

In that moment a lightwindow is prompted with an offer to engage in further action (subscribe / claim coupon / view cart / etc.).


How can you create this lightbox for your website?

We have used an online tool named Poptin.

After creating a free account, this tools allows to to choose from a selection of lightbox themes and pop-up options, then customizing them with your colors, images, form fields and more.

Tip: If your goal is to get subscriber on your list - add an integration with MailChimp or other email marketing platforms in the After Conversion section.

Use the advanced settings to type in the URL for your website pages that should include this lightbox, and select at which point in time do you want it to appear to the website visitors (hint: choose the "on exit" option).

Once you're done editing, you will receive a code snippet to copy and paste within your site's header code. Do this, and it's activated!


Having the lightbox is great, and viewing the interaction results is even better! Navigate to the Overview tab in the left-side menu, and view the statistics of how many visitor have viewed your offer and how many converted (= engaged in action).


Let us know how this worked out for you and if there's anything else we can do for you AT

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