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App integrations that automate your life

Imagine a service that would integrate the apps you use and automates your workflows for you.

Zapier is an interesting web-based service, that connects your productivity apps. Basically an "If... --> then ..." situation.

For example:

  • "If my Gmail account receives an attachment by email --> then, save this attachment to my Google Drive."

  • "If my Gmail account receives a new email --> create a new Trello card on my XXX board AND create a new row on my YYY Google Sheet."

  • "If a new person submits my contact form --> then add the details to my ZZZ Google Sheet."


How does it work?

The process is simple:

  1. Choose the apps you're interested in, to explore workflow ideas.

  2. Review the workflow and choose one.

  3. Connect your app accounts.

  4. Activate the workflow and watch the magic happen!

Why use it?

Because it's cool, it's useful and can help you a lot to automate some of your tasks.


Which integrations are YOU using or would like to use on Zapier and why?

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